Testimonials from recipients

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the Business School Foundation Graduate Student Award - MACC. As a non-traditional graduate accounting student, it is a wonderful feeling to receive such an honor.

I am very flattered and humbled to be recognized for my academic achievements. Thank you very much for this award.
Student Recipient, 2018
I just wanted to personally thank you for giving me the Stetson Business School Foundation Scholarship. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to have received this award. I don't come from a family with a lot of means so this scholarship meant a lot for my family and I. I am continuing to work hard in my studies. I hope all is well and thanks again!
Student Recipient, 2018
I am sincerely honored and grateful to have been selected as the recipient of the Business School Foundation Kenneth Jackson Award for Decision Science. This scholarship will support my continued education and help me prepare for my future career.

If you would, please extend my thanks to the donors who made this award possible.

Again, thank you very much for your generous and meaningful gift.
Student Recipient, 2018
Thank you so much for your support of Stetson, its students and its faculty members!
Faculty Recipient, 2018