Support Activities

Support for our Students

Picture of several students at Honors Banquet

Over 80 percent of the annual support provided by the Foundation is spent directly on student scholarships.

From its founding the Stetson Business School Foundation, Inc. has sought to support of a full range of activities within the School.

Over the years, the Foundation has provided significant scholarship help to all types of business students – i.e. full-time, part-time, transfer, undergraduate and graduate.

These scholarships provide essential assistance and facilitate access to the unique Stetson experience for individual students.

Examples of Student Support

  • Scholarships for students having financial need
  • Scholarships for students based on academic achievements
  • Scholarships for student service projects
  • Scholarships for students transferring to Stetson as majors in the School of Business Administration
  • Scholarships for graduate study in business at Stetson
  • Emergency student support
  • Awards for students’ achievements
  • An annual Honors Banquet to highlight and recognize student accomplishments
  • Business scholars program
  • Fell research grants focused on engaging students and faculty in joint research activities